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Variable Description
type Can be image, audio, video, or other.
filename Name of file (ie. photo.jpg).
url URL to object without domain (ie. /assets/photo.jpg).
permalink Full URL to object with domain (ie. http://mysite.com/assets/photo.jpg).
content_type MIME type of asset (ie. image/jpeg).
filesize Size of file in bytes (ie. 1024).
date Date asset was created.

Count the number of assets:

{{assets | size}}

Loop through assets:

{% for asset in assets %}
  {% if asset.type == 'image' %}
    <img src="{{asset.url}}">
  {% elsif asset.type == 'audio' %}
    <audio><source src="{{asset.url}}" type="{{asset.content_type}}"></audio>
  {% elsif asset.type == 'video' %}
    <video><source src="{{asset.url}}" type="{{asset.content_type}}"></video>
  {% elsif asset.type == 'other' %}
    <a href="{{asset.url}}">Download {{asset.filename}}</a></li>
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}