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Date Formatting

The date filter formats a date into another representation.

Basic Usage

This was posted on: {{ post.date | date: "%A, %B %-d" }}


This was posted on: Thursday, April 9

We also supply convenience methods for the year, month, and date. These can be especially useful when combined with the group_by and where filters.

This is the same: {{ post.year }} {{ post.month}} {{ post.day }}
As this: {{ post.date | date: "%Y %-m %-d" }}
This is the same: 2015 4 9
As this: 2015 4 9

Formatting Rules

All results based on the reference date Thu Apr 9 17:03:07 -0400 EDT 2015.

Directive Description Result
%Y Year 2015
%y Year without century 15
%C Century 20
%m Month of year (01–12) 04
%B Full month name April
%b Abbreviated month name Apr
%d Day of month (01–31) 09
%j Day of year (001–366) 099
%H Hour, 24-hour time (00–23) 17
%I Hour, 12-hour time (01–12) 05
%P Meridian indicator, lowercase pm
%p Meridian indicator, uppercase PM
%M Minute (00–59) 03
%S Second (00–59) 07
%z Numeric time zone (±hhmm) -0400
%Z Time zone abbreviation EDT
%A Weekday Thursday
%a Abbreviated weekday Thu
%u Day of week starting on Monday (1–7) 4
%w Day of week starting on Sunday (0–6) 4
%W Week of year starting on Monday (00–53) 14
%U Week of year starting on Sunday (00–53) 14
%s Seconds since Unix Epoch 1428613387
%c Date and time (%a %b %e %T %Y) Thu Apr 9 17:03:07 2015
%D Date (%m/%d/%y) 04/09/15
%F ISO 8061 date 2015-04-09
%v VMS date (%e-%b-%Y) 9-Apr-2015
%r 12-hour time (%I:%M:%S %p) 05:03:07 PM
%R 24-hour time (%H:%M) 17:03
%T 24-hour time with seconds (%H:%M:%S) 17:03:07

Note: By default, numeric fields are padded with a zero. This can be overridden by some of the following optional flags. Flags are placed immediately after the % and before the letter.

Flag Description Result
- (hyphen) remove padding (%-d) 9
_ (underscore) pad with a space (%_m)
^ (caret) up-case if possible (%^A) THURSDAY